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Welcome to Experience Cyber, our Summer 2017 newsletter.  Our goal is to keep you informed about new & exciting developments in technology & design on a quarterly basis.  We will feature interesting projects, showcase new technology, introduce you to our team & welcome any ideas for topics you want to hear about.


Happy 4th of July from Cyber Group

Summer is upon us & temperatures are soaring. We often get asked if our business slows down during the hot months. In a word, no. Construction is full steam ahead in the Valley of the Sun & we are fortunate to be involved in numerous amazing projects in Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Flagstaff, Prescott & even Hawaii. So, while many look to escape the heat, projects continue to take shape. In addition, the summer months are critical for making major progress on both new construction & remodels in order to be ready to deliver to homeowners once the cooler months arrive. Summer is also prime time for system "health checks", technology updates or fine tuning so performance is maximized once our clients return for the season. Live here full time? We hope you're enjoying some pool time, getting caught up on the blockbuster movies in your cool air conditioned media room & having summer BBQs. We will be closed on the 3rd & 4th of July to celebrate with our family & friends & watch some fireworks. Happy 4th of July!


Team Member Profile
James Harmon

We are pleased to introduce you to our Operations Manager, James Harmon. James has been a rock on our team since 2000. James has worn many hats in his almost two decades with Cyber Group. He has in-depth knowledge of not only our industry, but construction as well, making him an invaluable resource for our team & clients. James is a native of Kearney, Nebraska & moved to The Valley in '96. He & his wife Kristin have three daughters, Kelsey (18), Katie (17) & Kaidyn (7). He loves his Cornhuskers & Philadelphia Eagles & is a highly competitive softball player. James was acknowledged by his peers & earned our quarterly Samsal Award of Excellence. Job mastery, professionalism & contributing to our company culture in a positive way are the criteria for the award. James continues to lead by example, holds himself to a high standard & is always looking for opportunities to improve himself.  

Featured Project
Paradise found

Award-winning design/build firm, Calvis Wyant Luxury Homes, has knocked it out of the park again with this "Bali Inspired" masterpiece. Featured in The Wall Street Journal, this amazing home exemplifies the indoor/outdoor living lifestyle that Arizona is known for. The teams at Calvis Wyant & interior design firm DeCesare Design Group ensured the clients' design vision was executed flawlessly & was a very collaborative process. Great attention to detail balanced family friendly, a clean timeless look & comfort without becoming sterile & cold. Wide open spaces & plenty of natural light blur the lines between inside & out evoking resort-style living. A simple to use Lutron lighting control system, distributed audio for house-wide & poolside music further enhance the overall enjoyment of spaces for either a quiet night at home or for large family gatherings. An integrated solution by Savant allows for complete control over entertainment, security & lighting systems with one intuitive interface & also allows for remote access from anywhere in the world. Also featured in Luxe Interiors+Design this amazing home was a great "find something smart to say to wrap it up""

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Tech Update
All 4k video is created equal right?

Technology is constantly evolving, has great buzz words & confusing acronyms. We certainly won't tackle all of them here, but for the last couple of years, 4k has been the benchmark for video displays. 4k refers to resolution & is often only considered when describing the amount of pixels (8.3 million to be exact) that are "lit up" or able to be shown on the display itself. But what about the content? Digital is digital, so should all be the same right? Without getting too techy & honestly a little dry...not exactly. Just because something is 4k doesn't mean you are seeing all of the information or getting the best viewing experience. We have already lived through this over the last decade with our music collection. We went from physical media like LPs & CDs to highly compressed MP3 from iTunes & other music services. It didn't have the same life, dynamics or realism. It wasn't an escape. At best it was like a blurry copy of the original. People noticed, which might account for the resurgence of the vinyl market. All of the information is there to begin with, which is critical to the ultimate enjoyment of the music. A very similar thing is happening with 4k content, sometimes referred to as UHD (Ultra High Definition). It is apparent when watching 4k YouTube videos, Netflix or other streaming services that there is compression, digital artifacts, video noise & an overall lack of pristine clarity. That is largely due to the bandwidth requirements of 4k & inability to stream the full bitrate over the internet. It gets dumbed down, a lot. One company has solved that problem however. Kaleidescape is a Silicon Valley technology company that has solely focussed on providing the most immersive & pristine movie viewing experience for over 15 years. They have been the innovator in delivering the highest quality content to the luxury home, yacht & private aviation markets, even predating Apple's entry to the category by several years. As always, a picture is worth a thousand words. We invite you to experience the range of video delivery options for your specific application. We have some exciting content that will suspend your disbelief that you are watching a movie. Escape reality by enjoying movies the way they were intended in the comfort & luxury of your own home.


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