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Lighting affects our mood, how we experience a space and overall feeling of well-being.

It also allows the design vision of the homeowner and design team to come to life. At Cyber Electric, the architectural lighting systems we design, install and program will illuminate the details and character of your home, while adding convenience, luxury and safety. We work closely with professional lighting designers to provide the perfect solution for your lifestyle. Whether in a cozy reading nook or highlighting an art collection, the perfect setting is at your fingertips. Innovative technology like LED fixtures, control systems and shades are the foundation for an energy management system, which is both environmentally friendly and provides a lifetime of cost savings.

Custom programmed scenes enhance your experience and safety while at home, as well as away.  What will you imagine?  We invite you to experience Cyber.








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Electrical & Lighting Services:

Lighting/Shading Control

Cyber Electric’s architectural lighting systems will illuminate the warmth and character of your home. We work closely with professional lighting designers to provide you with the most optimal light settings. Good lighting can awaken color, enhancing the mood and design of spaces, all while maintaining a safe and secure environment. Carefully designed lighting programs provide additional security and convenience as pathways are illuminated or the whole house turns on with a touch of a button.


Energy Management

Cyber Electric has been an energy and environmentally conscious company since our beginning. We utilize the very latest technologies to control your climate and program intuitive scheduling throughout your home or business. Cyber Electric can integrate and control almost any type of energy management system. For example, the lighting systems we offer decrease electricity usage by setting the lights to 90% instead of 100% for everyday function, saving 10% on the lighting energy everyday. We integrate with solar shading to reduce solar gain in any room, allowing the climate control system to maintain a more consistent seasonal temperature. We also integrate occupancy sensors to prevent energy waste.

LED & Fixture Specification

Proper fixture specification is essential to enjoy a space to its fullest. Whether hosting a dinner party or enjoying an intimate gathering with family, lighting sets the mood. Proper lighting to highlight art is different than the lighting to accentuate unique architecture elements or a kitchen workspace. Lighting design and fixture specification is part theater and part science and best when both are incorporated into a project. An almost limitless palette of fixture solutions allow Cyber Electric to customize the experience for a variety of uses and create the perfect mood.

Whole-House Surge Protection

The electrical system in a home is the backbone for modern conveniences. While technology has evolved at a rapid pace, the electrical grid has not. Brown outs, surges and acts of God all put critical equipment at risk. Whether shortening the lifespan of expensive systems like HVAC, pool equipment, audio/video equipment and appliances or causing catastrophic failure, poorly regulated power can be avoided. A whole-house surge protection system will protect sensitive electronics and minimize damage due to harmful electrical conditions, saving money and prolonging the usefulness of a home's electrically powered devices.

Backup Generators

Backup generators can keep critical electrical systems running during extended power outages. Essential lighting, HVAC zones, wine rooms, garage doors and more can all remain operational until power is restored. Generators can be sized to meet the power demands keeping you safer, more comfortable and avoiding costly damage to electronics, furniture, art and wine collections.

Control System Upgrades

Whether replacing outdated dimmers or in need of a system upgrade, Cyber Electric will design, install and program your new lighting control system to make your home energy efficient, safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Robust wireless systems can be retrofitted into existing homes and historical properties without opening up walls allowing for the convenience of lighting control but maintaining the integrity of the home. Hardwired systems and keypads are a perfect fit for a new build project and allows for clutter free walls and scalability.

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Every Cyber Electric home is as unique as the family that lives there. We will custom tailor a solution to support your everyday lifestyle, but also intimate gatherings or hosting the entire extended family. Whether it’s a practical application, highlighting an art collection or supporting your toys of the house, Cyber Electric has you covered. Listening, advising, designing and executing to the highest level is our commitment to our clients. We will deliver the bespoke system that serves as the lifeblood of your home.